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Why Valo?

“Valo” means light in Finnish – the Valo Foundation aims to enlighten and provide a beacon of hope with a strong belief in the future

Valo helps us see the truth and shows the way in education and sustainability. Ignorance is a prison. Truth frees from the chains of ignorance and has continuously moved humanity from obscurity to a world enlightened by knowledge. Education is essential to shape younger generations’ capacity to analyze, understand, and act with impact. Sustainability is nothing else than an absolute requisite if we want to see future generations continue to prosper. Mars is not an option.

What is Valo?

Valo is a foundation dedicated to the promotion of the truth, education and sustainability

The Valo Foundation is a “gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (gGmbH)”, a German non-profit limited liability company.

Major connected television brands that are part of a global joint venture alliance will be the initial contributors to the endowment. They will contribute a share of the revenue they generate when people spend time watching their televisions. They will lead by example and convince other companies who profit from capturing people’s free time and attention to also give back.

The Valo Foundation will therefore not need to dedicate time and thinking to chasing donations and will rather devote this energy to promoting its chosen topics.

With the monetary contributions of sponsors, the Valo Foundation will establish an endowment that will become a perpetual source of support for the topics Valo is dedicated to. The endowment will be kept intact and projects will be financed from the investment income generated by the endowment’s assets.

How will Valo make an impact?

The objective is to develop a systematic approach to the chosen topics. Initial projects will serve to validate a turn-key approach that is to be deployed by others

Multiplying the successful experiences in a "franchise model” will make the necessary impact: when the pilot is successful, document the blueprint and make it available for implementation anywhere in the world. This is the Valo Franchise Model.

Implementation is financed by the Valo Foundation, local donors, and commercial success.

Commercial success is essential: when a concept can be successful as a business, it attracts capital and energetic people, amplifying the impact. Profits and revenue are to be shared with the Foundation to add to the endowment and generate more impact.

Imagine the best journalists in the world coming together to publish news that does not need to defer to commercial requirements but can publish the truth as the revenues of the operation are ensured by the Valo Foundation.

Or imagine a successful school concept is developed and implemented. Anyone interested would have access to the blueprint and get support to execute elsewhere once the project is validated. The school could be run as a business but still be accessible to anyone and everyone with the support of the Valo Foundation.

Or a research university focused on sustainability supported by Valo that generates patentable R&D results that can be licensed and scaled commercially.